Centre for Accountability of International Organisations
Promoting the Rule of Law in International Organisations
About Us

CAIO was formed in response to a demand from Staff Associations, Staff Unions and a recognition from the Geneva Legal Community of a problem within the legal systems surrounding international organisations: the lack of effective remedy for victims.

For a discussion about the current problems with the UN's international legal system with Geoffrey Robertson QC and Sarah Hunt with World Radio Switzerland's Michele Mischler, go to 

CAIO has been formed in order to preserve the legal protections eroded through the misuse of the international immunity, to  investigate the practical effects of abuses of international immunity for international civil servants and produce research in relation to the problems experienced by international civil servants and third parties, with a view to stimulating public debate and triggering law reform.  CAIO’s task is significant in that the international organisations are not responsible to external regulators or an independent court system; but tend to be self-regulating and more isolated from real leverage such as public pressure or shareholder influence than either national governments or companies.  One of the few strong motivators triggering action by an international organisations is through the media.

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